Aeron gang

Bouta be on the top of /r/malelivingspace

Let the games begin!

Fit of the year


Happy 4th

Waiting for my cappuccino outside the Cafe Demitasse Lil Tokyo

My fav genre

I'll take all of em

Preparing to post my youtube review of the new Demon Slayer movie

Mom told me to smile :)

Absolutely nuts

F#@k General Mills all my homies hate General Mills

After playing several hours of Beat Saber I realized I had unknowingly mastered the blade


Needed this

Can I just get a normal graphics card?

Picked up Cinema4D

Gamer bro and his streamer gf

I'm off Cyberpunk 2077 and playing AFTERWORLD


Certified gamer in stores now

I am tired of Earth, these people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives


Only government I recognize is the republic of GAMERS